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Guadalajara consolidates as the 'epicenter' of meeting tourism.

In 2023, Guadalajara solidified its status as the "epicenter" of meetings tourism, witnessing a remarkable 24.8% increase in tourism revenue compared to the previous year, amounting to nearly 8 billion pesos.

Gustavo Staufert, Director of the Visitors and Conventions Bureau, highlighted the city's exceptional performance with a 22% growth in the hotel sector and the attraction of 110 applications for both national and international events. Staufert emphasized Guadalajara's ambitions, aiming to surpass 150 event applications in 2024, positioning the city as the host for major national and international gatherings. The exponential growth in the meetings industry, contributing 2.5% to the state's GDP, underscores Guadalajara's role as the second-largest meetings generator in Mexico, following only Mexico City.
Guadalajara's Expo Guadalajara played a pivotal role in this growth, hosting 400 events in the year, representing 45% of the entire meetings industry. Staufert acknowledged the global definition of a meeting, encompassing various events like congresses, conventions, fairs, and exhibitions. He also highlighted efforts to include sports events within this category. With Expo Guadalajara as a major player, the city is not only making strides in the meetings sector but also establishing itself as a significant contributor to the broader tourism landscape.
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