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Mexican Companies Lead Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Latin America

In a notable development, 23 Mexican companies, including the top five in the country's stock market, are now featured in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Latin America.

The Mexican representation dominates the S&P MILA Pacific Alliance Composite, encompassing nations from the Integrated Latin American Market: Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. With a substantial 72.6% stake, Mexico outshines Chile (16.6%), Colombia (6.6%), and Peru (4.3%) in the index.
The S&P MILA Pacific Alliance Composite, designed as a comprehensive benchmark for the Pacific Alliance region, boasts a significant Mexican presence. This index, as described officially, comprises stocks of large, medium, and small-cap companies. Noteworthy additions from Mexico include Walmart de México (consumer goods), América Móvil (telecommunications), and FEMSA (consumer goods), contributing to the country's prominent role in sustainable investment.


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