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Mexico will have free trade with the United Kingdom via CPTPP.

The British government announced that after 21 months of negotiations, it has closed a deal to join as the 12th member and the only European country to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), its biggest trade agreement since Brexit.

Downing Street announced that the CPTPP countries, including the United Kingdom, will have a combined GDP of $13.6 trillion, representing 15% of the world's GDP, and a population of 500 million.


The UK's accession to the bloc would not have been possible as a member of the European Union, according to Downing Street. Additionally, the country's utilization of its new post-Brexit trade freedoms was praised.


The CPTPP was originally composed of eleven Asia-Pacific countries, and over 99% of UK exports of goods to CPTPP countries will be tariff-free.


On the other hand, although a trade agreement with the United States is expected, negotiations have stalled. The CPTPP is the most important free trade agreement in the Pacific region.


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