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Berries surpass beer and tequila: they are the Mexican food with the highest sales in the world.

During the first two months of 2023, Mexican berries were sold abroad for a total of $777 million USD, according to the Bank of Mexico.

In the first two months of 2023, red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, known as berries, became the best-selling Mexican product to countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Kuwait, China, Guatemala, Japan, Panama, and Qatar.


According to the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), the accumulated sales of berries during this period totaled $777 million USD, leaving behind other Mexican products such as beer, tequila, and avocado.


The production of berries in Mexico has experienced growth in recent years and in 2021, Mexico reported sales of $3.553 billion USD, making them the second most commercialized food product abroad, after beer.


"México ranks sixth worldwide in blueberry production and over the past 10 years, national berry production has multiplied 2.7 times," noted María Blanca Martínez Barajas, a professor-researcher at the Superior Technological Institute of Ciudad Serdán.


Berries are one of the most lucrative crops for farmers in Mexico, although they require intensive labor. The national production is mainly destined for export due to the high prices of these fruits abroad, which makes them luxury goods out of reach for a large part of the Mexican population.


In 2017, Mexico produced 36,700 tons of blueberries, 120,184 tons of raspberries, 658,436 tons of strawberries, and 270,399 tons of blackberries. Mexico is the sixth largest blueberry producer in the world, the second largest annual raspberry producer, and the fourth largest strawberry producer.


In 2021, blueberry sales reached a record figure of $589.8 million pesos, raspberries generated $1.217 billion USD in revenue, and Mexico ranked second in the world in average annual raspberry production, with over 165,000 tons.


In addition, around 542,000 tons of strawberries were produced in 2021, and Mexico ranked fourth in the producer ranking and second in the exporter list.


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