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Mexico Consolidates Its Position as the Leading Auto Parts Supplier to the United States

The Mexican auto parts industry has taken a significant leap in its role as the leading supplier of auto parts to the United States, with a 3.44 percentage point increase in its market share in US imports in just one year. During the first five months of 2023, Mexico managed to capture 42.72% of the US market in automotive parts and components, compared to 39.28% in the same period in 2022.



Secret FDI of $68.67 Billion: Ministry of Economy (SE)

The undisclosed scale of international investments in Mexico, driven by secrecy and competitive strategy, has come to light. Economy Secretary Raquel Buenrostro asserts that there is an underreporting of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entering Mexico. Notably, an investment influx exceeding the 2022 FDI total of $35.292 billion USD is said to have arrived in Mexico within the first half of this year.



The Achilles' Heel of the Electrical System, According to Cenace

The annual growth rate of 0.6% in Mexico's electric transmission network is revealed as inadequate for any national infrastructure network. This lack of development is more problematic in the interconnection points between rapidly growing poles. During this administration, electric generation capacity increased by 23.2%, while electric consumption rose by 14%. This indicates that generation grew 9.4 times faster than transmission and consumption 5.5 times faster.



E-commerce and Logistics Companies Drive Demand for Industrial Warehouses

The increase in demand for industrial warehouses in Mexico has been driven by the arrival of companies due to nearshoring and other trends. Digitalization has created a greater need for spaces for distribution centers and storage, leading to an uptick in the construction of industrial parks and logistics spaces to enhance supply chains and international trade.



Japanese company Kaga Electronics will open a new plant in Mexico in April 2024.

The company plans to close its old plant in Mexico to centralize its operations in a new parts assembly factory in the country, which will start operations in April with an investment of 5,000 yen (approximately 34 million dollars).



Mexico benefits from US violations of the WTO: China

The Chinese government has accused the United States of benefiting its allies by implementing policies such as subsidies for electric vehicles assembled in North America, selective tariffs on steel, and pressure to avoid purchasing Chinese products.