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Mexico Consolidates Its Position as the Leading Auto Parts Supplier to the United States

The Mexican auto parts industry has taken a significant leap in its role as the leading supplier of auto parts to the United States, with a 3.44 percentage point increase in its market share in US imports in just one year. During the first five months of 2023, Mexico managed to capture 42.72% of the US market in automotive parts and components, compared to 39.28% in the same period in 2022.



US Restrictions on China Under Scrutiny by the EU

The European Commission (EC) will address the US prohibition on new investments in sensitive technologies in China, as it deems this relevant to the economic security of the European Union (EU), according to the EU executive.



US to activate trade panel against Mexico over transgenic corn policy

After receiving notification from the United States, the Ministry of Economy stated that it is "prepared to defend the Mexican position before the international panel" regarding the regulation of genetically modified maize.



Science will set the tone in the corn dispute, they estimate.

Francisco de Rosenzweig, a partner at White & Case, anticipates that the dispute resolution panel regarding Mexico's policy on genetically modified corn is expected to be established in the latter half of September.



The US will activate a trade panel against Mexico over genetically modified corn policy

The Mexican Ministry of Economy is ready to defend the country's stance before an international panel after receiving a notification from the United States concerning the controversy surrounding the regulation of genetically modified corn.



Mexico benefits from US violations of the WTO: China

The Chinese government has accused the United States of benefiting its allies by implementing policies such as subsidies for electric vehicles assembled in North America, selective tariffs on steel, and pressure to avoid purchasing Chinese products.