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Coalition Together We Make History eliminates Rural Finantial Insitucion

The plenary approved with 254 votes the extinction of the decentralized public agency; Ignacio Mier, coordinator of MORENA, proposed at the last minute that the guarantee of pensions and retirements of the workers be established.



The Booming Texas Border Town at the Center of a Global Trade Shift

About $800 million worth of products (from auto parts to toys and avocados) passed through Laredo daily in 2022



Mexico and China expand and strengthen bilateral agri-food trade

Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER) has announced that dialogue, negotiation, and the signing of sanitary and phytosanitary protocols have allowed for the expansion and strengthening of agri-food relations between Mexico and China, opening the Chinese market to several Mexican products, including avocados, grapes, pork, tequila, frozen beef, tobacco leaves, bananas, and sorghum.



Beer: Mexico solidifies its leadership in exports

Mexico has consolidated its position as the world leader in beer exports in 2022, reaching a record of $6.031 billion, which represents a year-on-year increase of 7.4%, according to data from the Bank of Mexico. The amount nearly triples the value of the Netherlands' external sales, our country's closest pursuer; the United States is the origin of over 95% of the foreign exchange earnings from beer sales captured by Mexico.



Brazil wins with Pacic: country sold 61% more to Mexico in 2022

The South American country benefited from the elimination of tariffs on products such as corn, soy, poultry meat, and rice; Brazilian agricultural exports to the world grew 34.6% to $139.363 billion.



Mexico's exports set a record while oil exports plummet

With seasonally adjusted and inter-monthly rates, total merchandise exports increased by 4.50% in March, reflecting rises of 4.61% in non-oil exports and 2.41% in oil exports.