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Organizations need to change their transformation strategy to compete in nearshoring

Nearshoring opens up a world of opportunities for Mexico through the relocation of a large number of companies in the country, taking advantage of trade agreements with the United States and Canada. But these opportunities pose a huge challenge for Mexican companies, especially for medium and large ones, that seek to compete globally. Most of these companies had delayed their transformation because they already had the operation under control within the national territory.



The federal government intervenes in the corn market and causes confusion among producers in Sinaloa.

The federal and state governments of Sinaloa have set guaranteed prices for the purchase of 1.8 million tons of corn, while the rest of the production is in total uncertainty. This has left local producers who are not included in the strategy in limbo.



Agricultural workers are poorly paid in Mexico: 'We need more support and better prices'

Farm workers have pointed out that it is unfair to receive low wages for the work they do. Mexico's agricultural exports are booming, registering double-digit growth rates in recent years. However, this success has not translated into a better quality of life for workers in the sector, who remain some of the lowest paid in the country.



Deficit in the trade balance in the first quarter of the year

On February 27th of the current year, Inegi released information on our country's merchandise trade balance, where we could see that Mexico is also paying the price for the January blues. Although it may seem contradictory in figures, as one might think that there is more money to spend, imports were made more for manufactured goods (intermediate goods) than for consumer and capital goods.



The Ministry of Economy plans to attract two automobile production plants to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

These automakers could settle in Texistepec, which is one of the 10 development hubs and has a strategic location 37 kilometers away from the Port of Coatzacoalcos.



Contradictions between T-MEC partners

Yesterday, the credit rating agency Fitch Ratings warned that the new Mining Law will have a negative impact on activity in Mexico.