Strategic Alliances

Why alliances and partnerships are

Important in the development of projects

Many companies seek public-private partnerships to fund and develop their various projects within Mexico

Global Agrotrade Advisors strives to consolidate its partnerships and alliances with private companies (domestic and international ones), with government agencies and multinational institutions to tap on financial resources to develop projects.

Some of the Strategic Alliances

GAA is involved with


GAA-Agropark Greenhouse Cluster Alliance

GAA is partnering with Agropark High-Tech Greenhouse Cluster where a dozen companies produce vegetables with state-of-the-art greenhouse technology facilities. It employs 3,800 people with a centralized administration and security, inner roads, power lines, natural gas, water distribution network, rainwater channeling infrastructure, SPS regulations and pest monitoring at all of the companies' greenhouses and common areas. 

The alliance permits GAA access to tecnical know-how, technology, and financial capital in order to undertake similar projects in Mexico with the participation of foreign and domestic investors. The vegetables produced, such as high-valued tomatoes, are typically destined for export markets. 


GAA Cooperation with Surbana Jurong to Conduct Feasibility Studies for Infrastructure Development

Singapore's Surbana Jurong urban planning agency has partnered with GAA to develop an Ariport Economic District and its Master Plan for the city of Durango in Northern Mexico. The project, if approved and funded by the State Government of Durango, will produce the feasibility studies and the Master Plan needed to secure the necessary funding to implement the Airport Economic District project with physical and social infrasturcture, services, and related public works.  


Project to Develop an Agropark in the Interoceanic Corridor in Southern Mexico

GAA has presented a project proposal to undertake the feasiblity studies to implement an agropark project along the Interoceanic Corridor of the Tehuantepec Isthmus. The government authority responsible for the Corridor's development has a policy priority to help local producers, including indigenous farmers and rural women to get organized and take advantage of the economies of scale that the agropark would bring to increase production, access to markets, and funding. 


GAA Cooperation Agreement with the Haltex Group to Develop a Halal System in Mexico

The Haltex Group, a leading Halal company marketing halah certified products based in Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GAA to explore business opportunities in Mexico. This is due to the growth in demand for food and other products that are halal-certified.