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Nuevo León Ranked 12th Nationally in Beef Carcass Production

The recent statistical report from the Mexican Meat Council (Comecarne) has illuminated Nuevo León's involvement in the meat industry. Despite being a prominent consumer of beef, the state secured the 12th position in 2022's state-wise beef production rankings, contributing 3.5% to the national total. Veracruz leads in production with 12.9% of the national total. Throughout 2022, beef trade surged past 511,000 tons, with imports reaching 170,000 tons, while exports amounted to 341,000 tons.

Ernesto Salazar Carrillo, representing Comecarne, underscored that beef consumption in Mexico holds the third spot with 2 million tons consumed in 2022. The beef production escalated with an annual average growth of 2.5% between 2017 and 2022, outpacing the consumption growth of 1%. Beef exports attained 341,000 tons in 2022, whereas imports faced a decline of 2.7%.


The external demand for Mexican beef protein spurred the slaughter of cattle in Federal Inspection Type (TIF) establishments. Mexico's beef exports clocked at $2.263 billion in 2022, while imports scaled to $1.156 billion. Mexico also actively engages in the international trade of live cattle, exporting 873,227 head of cattle while importing 97,411. Nuevo León boasts 98 meat-related establishments as per data from Comecarne and INEGI.


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