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Secret FDI of $68.67 Billion: Ministry of Economy (SE)

The undisclosed scale of international investments in Mexico, driven by secrecy and competitive strategy, has come to light. Economy Secretary Raquel Buenrostro asserts that there is an underreporting of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) entering Mexico. Notably, an investment influx exceeding the 2022 FDI total of $35.292 billion USD is said to have arrived in Mexico within the first half of this year.

Secretary Buenrostro's statement unveils that from January to July, investment announcements totaling $68.670 billion USD were made, potentially generating 123,000 jobs in 2023. Of these investments, 68% of the projected employment will be concentrated in five key industries. However, verification from the Bank of Mexico is awaited to confirm these significant figures.


The Economy Ministry's push to promote the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (CIIT) underscores Mexico's competitive advantages for attracting productive national and foreign investment, including the nearshoring trend. Though Alejandrina Salcedo, Director of Economic Research at the central bank, urges patience to fully observe nearshoring's effects, Buenrostro's disclosure hints at a substantial economic growth impetus if confirmed.


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