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The Achilles' Heel of the Electrical System, According to Cenace

The annual growth rate of 0.6% in Mexico's electric transmission network is revealed as inadequate for any national infrastructure network. This lack of development is more problematic in the interconnection points between rapidly growing poles. During this administration, electric generation capacity increased by 23.2%, while electric consumption rose by 14%. This indicates that generation grew 9.4 times faster than transmission and consumption 5.5 times faster.

The lack of infrastructure in the transmission network is acknowledged as its main weakness. Despite instructions for transmission projects years ago, numerous projects have been repeatedly postponed. While new transmission lines are anticipated, their scope is insufficient, representing only a small percentage of the current network. Furthermore, the lack of investment in transmission and distribution, despite being profitable areas, hinders growth and may require a reform in the transmission model.


The issue persists despite warnings from Cenace's Director, Ricardo Octavio Mota Palomino, and the current focus on generation projects. The transmission shortfall not only threatens the energy transition but also presents a key challenge for national development in the era of nearshoring.


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