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Japanese company Kaga Electronics will open a new plant in Mexico in April 2024.

The company plans to close its old plant in Mexico to centralize its operations in a new parts assembly factory in the country, which will start operations in April with an investment of 5,000 yen (approximately 34 million dollars).

The new facility, located at the same site in San Luis Potosí, will be 2.4 times larger than the previous one and will be dedicated to manufacturing electronic devices for automobiles and air conditioners.


It is expected that the North American market will maintain its strength in consumption, and the main clients of Kaga Electronics, Japanese manufacturers, are expanding their presence in Mexico. Ryoichi Kado, the company's president, mentioned that the decision to open the new factory is driven by these favorable prospects. The plant will significantly increase its workforce, going from employing 500 people to 2,000 workers, reflecting the scale of growth and the focus on production in the country.


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