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The EU-CELAC Summit: An Example of Strategic Cooperation

The Summit between the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), held in July 2023 in Brussels, marked a significant milestone by reinitiating political dialogue between these two regions after eight years.

 The event focused on various key topics such as cooperation for peace and stability, trade, investment, economic recovery, combating climate change, research and innovation, and justice and security. A notable achievement was the participation of Latin America and the Caribbean in the EU's Global Gateway Initiative, which will ensure a fair ecological and digital transition and bolster efforts to address inequalities and strengthen supply chains.


Furthermore, the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced funding of 800 million euros for climate action projects in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, which will promote regional development and energy transition. The "Investment Agenda of Global Gateway with Latin America and the Caribbean" was presented, encompassing over 135 projects with a focus on renewable energy, electric vehicles, green bonds, and more. The EU-ALC Digital Alliance concentrated on technological cooperation and addressed critical issues such as internet governance, artificial intelligence, digital trade, and others. The summit also discussed global matters such as the conflict in Ukraine, climate change, and peace in Colombia.


The EU-CELAC Summit reaffirmed the importance of cooperation between these two regions on a wide range of issues. Significant progress was made in areas such as clean energy investment, digitization, and the fight against climate change, paving the way for a future of peace, prosperity, and well-being in both regions.


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