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Melon: health case occurs amid export boom.

A recent outbreak of salmonellosis linked to melon consumption in the U.S. and Canada, resulting in eight deaths, is causing concern amid Mexico's thriving melon export industry.

From January to October 2023, melon exports totaled 99,700 tons and $37.7 million, marking a notable year-on-year increase. The authorities attribute the infection to the Guaymas-based company Malichita, and investigations are ongoing. Raul Urteaga Trani, CEO of Global Agrotrade Advisors, emphasizes that the alert doesn't implicate all Mexican melons, pointing out the diverse production regions in Mexico, including El Bajío, Sonora, Chihuahua, La Laguna, and others. He underscores the importance of evaluating not only the origin but also the handling conditions of exported products. Urteaga highlights the need for strict adherence to international trade standards to ensure the safety and quality of exported produce.
In the midst of the tragic outcomes, including eight deaths and over 350 infections, the ongoing process seeks to assign responsibilities for the contamination of melons. Despite the negative consequences, Raul Urteaga Trani highlights a positive aspect - the strong cooperation between the health agencies of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada within the North American block. He notes that there have been no complaints from producers, buyers, or consumers regarding this cooperative effort. Urteaga expresses the universal concern among producers to deliver products in optimal conditions to customers and stresses the logical imperative for adherence to strict international trade standards to maintain business integrity in the region.
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