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Ministry of Agriculture activates National Animal Health Emergency Device

Currently, there are no active outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza AH5N1 in commercial units within the national territory.

The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader) has proactively activated the National Animal Health Emergency Device (Dinesa) to control and potentially eradicate High-Pathogenicity Avian Influenza A, subtype H5N1, in commercial units nationwide. This six-month initiative aims to prevent the spread of the disease, which could cause irreparable economic losses, especially in the poultry sector contributing over 40% to the country's total livestock production volume.

Aviculturists and those involved in poultry production are required to notify the National Service of Health, Safety, and Agri-food Quality (Senasica) of any suspected cases. Senasica, through its coordination, will implement preventive measures, enhance zoosanitary education, and monitor the movement of birds and their products across the country. The organization urges producers and veterinarians to promptly report any suspected presence of avian influenza through various communication channels, including a hotline, a mobile app, and regional offices.

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