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European Parliament adopts new law to fight local deforestation.

To fight deforestation and biodiversity loss, the EU has implemented new regulations that cover products such as livestock, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy, timber, rubber, coal, and printed paper.



Acute food insecurity reached 18 million in Latin America

According to a report by the Global Network Against Food Crises (GNAFC) published today, in 2022, acute food insecurity affected 17.8 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 258 million people in 58 countries worldwide suffered from it last year.



In the face of the water crisis: How does oxygen work for the treatment of contaminated water?

The use of oxygen for water treatment is not new, but today it is being promoted to combat water scarcity and take advantage of its benefits.



Is Latin America ready for a sustainable future?

In the next decade, the greatest risks facing the world will be related to the environment. Latin America will not be an exception, and some governments are already taking measures to advance in the energy transition and protection of natural resources. However, not all countries are equally prepared to face the threats of climate change and pollution.



Which states will RUN OUT OF WATER by 2050?

Conagua has analyzed the water crisis currently affecting different regions, and found that the number of municipalities that are abnormally dry has increased from 697 to 815.



The first of China’s desert solar and wind projects is online, and it’s huge

The first of many solar and wind projects in China’s deserts is now online, and it’s capable of powering 1.5 million households.