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Protected Agriculture: A Pillar Topic in GreenTech Americas 2023.

Greenhouse technology and digital penetration augur a sustainable future for this form of cultivation.



Jalisco Tech Hub Act generates new investment intentions for the state

The public policy created to maximize nearshoring has attracted new investment intentions to the state in the first quarter of the year from companies such as Flextronics, HP, and C3 AI, among others.



Global food security depends on funding small farmers.

Increasing agricultural productivity reduces poverty, but the difficulty of accessing credit condemns producers to remain in a cycle of poverty. If they can't make a living from their work, they will stop providing food for everyone.



First global net zero carbon capture and storage facility in the cement industry: Heidelberg Materials partners with the Govern­ment of Canada

Heidelberg Materials entering a partnership with Canadian government for the construction of the carbon capture facility in Edmonton.



Mexican companies need to become visible to take advantage of nearshoring, according to Blackwell Strategy.

Nearshoring is one of the keys to economic growth for Mexico. National companies that take advantage of it will join high-projection value chains, but to achieve this, they need visibility and credibility in their sector.



Experts warn that the disappearance of the National Development Finance Corporation would leave producers at the mercy of high interest rates.

The Agricultural Market Consulting Group accused President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's government on Thursday of failures in the management of the portfolio of the National Agropecuario, Rural, Forest and Fishing Development Finance Corporation, which the federal administration proposes to eliminate.